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Tyranid Tunneller Swarm

Version 3.1 Epic Remastered

Detachment Base Cost: 25 points


You must take three Synapse choices. You must take at least one Trygon.

Trygon: 47 points

Tyranid Warrior brood

Consists of 1 to 6 Tyranid Warrior unit: 23 points each


Take up to ten Brood choices.

Termagant brood

Consists of 1 to 5 Termagant unit: 7 points each

Hormagaunt brood

Consists of 1 to 5 Hormagaunt unit: 7 points each

Detachment Rules

Chain of Command: Trygon > Tyranid Warrior > any other unit.
Synapse: As long as this Detachment contains any Synapse Creature units, it auto-passes Leadership tests and cannot be broken. Retreat as normal.
Tunneller Swarm: This swarm always uses the Drop Pod rules, regardless of scenario.