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Necron Hunter Phalanx

Version 1.5 Epic Remastered

Detachment Base Cost: 25 points


Main Force

Take up to ten Main Force choices.

Flayed One pack

Consists of 1 to 2 Flayed Ones unit v4: 16 points each

Canoptek Wraith pack

Consists of 1 to 2 Canoptek Wraiths unit v4: 20 points each

Deathmark squad

Consists of 1 Necron Immortals unit: 21 points

Detachment Rules

Chain of Command: any unit.
Stubborn: This detachment can re-roll all Leadership tests.
Dimensional Hunters: This detachment must enter play using the Drop Pods rule. All units in the detachment have the Ignore Terrain ability.