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Necron Supreme Commander

Version 1.6 Epic Remastered


You must take one Command choice.

Necron Overlord

Consists of 1 Necron Overlord (Necron Immortals unit with Hero, Supreme Commander): 46 points

Add 1 Ghost Ark v2: 24 points

Lokhust Overlord/Overlord in Command Barge

Consists of 1 Lokhust Overlord v2 (Lokhust Destroyers unit with Hero, Supreme Commander): 51 points


Take up to two Bodyguard choices.

Necron Warriors Squad

Consists of 1 to 2 Necron Warriors unit: 14 points each

Add 1 Ghost Ark v2: 24 points

Necron Immortals unit: 19 points

C'Tan Shard: 65 points

Necron Cryptek

Consists of 1 Necron Cryptek (Necron Immortals unit with Hero, Psyker): 31 points

Lokhust Destroyers unit/Annihilation Barge

Consists of 1 Lokhust Destroyers unit v2: 24 points

Lokhust Heavy Destroyers unit: 28 points

Triarch Praetorians squad

Consists of 1 Triarch Praetorians unit (Necron Immortals unit with Jump Packs, Assault): 20 points

Detachment Rules

Chain of Command: Necron Overlord > Cryptek > any other unit except C'tan Shard.
Stubborn: This Detachment can re-roll all Leadership tests.
Commander: Detachments with their HQ within 30cm of the Commander are Stubborn. If the Commander is in an assault or firefight you may re-roll combat resolution.